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released May 26, 2016

Recorded at Green Mountain Records with Vincent Freeman
Mixed and Mastered by Julian Mazzola
Additional Recording by Julian Mazzola at the Joojio in Providence R.I.
Artwork by Morgan Jacques



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Cyberdyne
Help me through this. I need a new enemy. The construct of a broken mind leads my leash to a familiar spot.

Let me think. I'm a bit strung out right now so please just let me think.

Uneducated we swim for the shore. Holding with baited breath, we assume the worst.

Neck deep in our shit, we row it down the line. Casting away useless things further down the road.

Repent. Repair.

This is killing us. One step a time. One paper signed.

The beacon flashes in an empty room. No help is coming for us. No help is coming just yet.
Track Name: Myles Dyson Sings The Blues
Let's just keep our wits about us. We don't want to cross any boundaries. This whole situation has gotten out of hand so bad the right doesn't know the left is doing.

Considering the fact that I've been dead for so long, I feel like I'm aging quite well.

I've been to the gallows and I feel as though they would have me if I just plain asked.

I drank the strippers blood.

I ate the whores tongue.

The mouth of the beast is so much sweeter than it's stomach.

We all laugh and we all writhe in tandem. We are all marked for death.

We are all hunted.

Bury your conceited thoughts in the pillow that you bite. There is nothing left for you in this meaningless life. This meaning endless. This meaningless life you live.

I want to simply believe. I want it's head again.